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What are we?
Bioscience Research Institute (BSRI) is a scientific applications and development resource serving client companies that use, develop or market an array of product technologies including skin, vascular and other biomedical and commercial products.  BSRI, via the dedicated biomedical consultants group (BIMECO), uses its unique capabilities to meet client needs by providing consultation and other support services in a timely and professional manner.  We have vast experience and expertease in pre-market and new product studies.
What have we done?
Since 1991, we have successfully worked together with clients with diverse products that span a wide spectrum of applications, employ an array of new technologies and target both health and general consumer markets.  Specific  products or technologies for which consultation and other services have been provided are confidential, but the following generic sampling demonstrates the breadth and depth of our capabilities and expertease.
..... Protection, preservation,
enhancement or correction of skin integrity and physiology
..... Improvement of  blood circulation
..... Optimization of lymphedema therapy
..... Fostering pressure ulcer prevention
..... Enhancement of  wound healing
..... Improving medical compression therapy
..... Magnetic therapy applications
..... Diathermy applications
..... Cardiovascular assessment
Other Activities
As part of our mission, we are committed to developing tools, aids, software and educational materials for health care providers to assist them in their day-to-day work in providing care to patients. For access to  these, including  Limb Volumes Professional software and the new Wound Areas Software, use the adjacent link   ToolsAndAids

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What are our capabilities?
The demonstrated effectiveness of BSRI in a wide range of technologies and market targets is made possible by:
  • The extensive experience and expertise of BIMECO in key areas of applied and clinical research.
  • The wide spectrum of backgrounds including scientific, engineering, medical, nursing & statistical specialists
  • The rapid and efficient response to client needs
  • The fact that BIMECO follows-through with scientifically based reporting of study findings
How can we help?
BSRI works with clients to optimally meet their strategic needs via a range of services
  • Develops scientifically based project concepts and content to optimally meet targeted  marketing needs
  • Synthesizes project designs that are consistent with both scientific principles and  marketing constraints
  • Evaluates third-party proposed product studies
  • Provides recommendations  of scientific merit and alternative approaches as needed
  • Recommends, evaluates and uses optimal biophysical measurements to insure defensible 
  • evidence-based data for product screening and final product evaluations
  • Provides statistical analyses and reports of BSRI conducted studies
  • Provides independent analyses of client initiated clinical studies and of those conducted by third-parties
  • Prepares reports, presentations and manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals
  • Provides targeted and timely scientific consulting, project implementation and follow-through
If expert, timely and results oriented assistance in developing, testing, evaluating or analyzing a new or  existing product initiative is of use to you, please contact us  for a free confidential initial consultation.    954-205-7199

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