License Policy  for Limb Volumes Professional Software

This refers to software purchased as a CD or downloaded online from the developer's site.
These  may be Trial Versions that were subsequently converted to permanent versions by purchasing.
All of these are licensed for a single computer or network for which a permanent activation code is or has
been issued. The software may be used by any number of users. A permanent activation code is issued
once the software is installed and registered using the serial number generated during installation.
Registration is initiated at the main web site --

For activation codes issued
three or more months ago, a 2nd  activation code may be requested
for either another computer or the same computer with modified hardware.
The price of a 2nd activation code is discounted at a rate of 70% (you pay only 30% of the then software cost).
You can either install from a CD you have or download your currently licensed version from the web site.

To initiate a request for a 2nd activation code please use the adjacent link.      ActivationCodeRequest