BSRI has also developed unique tools and software to aid health care professionals in their day-to-day work.

Quantify and Track Limb Edema: A software package called Limb Volumes Professional® is designed
to help manage,
track and report limb edema and lymphedema. It has been widely field tested and acclaimed
for its ease of use, time
saving features and professional documentation. Among its many unique features is
the incorporation of research validated hand and foot volume algorithms. You may read further details, view
a tutorial and download free instructional materials and a free trial version of LVP5.0 with the following link.

logo Limb Volumes Professional 5.0

Quantify and Track Changes in Area of Wounds:
A new software package called WoundAreas
provides an easy and cost effective way to determine wound areas from digital images. In addition to
wound areas, wound length, width and multiple features of the wound are easily documented.
Wound TracingWound Area ChangesArea Data

Documenting of important other wound features is facilitated by easy to use descriptors
Wound Descriptors 

Download a Fully Functional Free Trial  DOWNLOAD

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Track Tissue Changes Associated with Lymphedema and Fibrosis
  A portable hand held device
has  been developed to help assess and track pitting and tissue changes in edematous and fibrotic areas. 

works like a calibrated thumb to provide a uniform indentation force to any tissue. Research
has shown it to be sensitive to changes in tissue fibrosis changes with therapy. Use the link for more info.
tissuepress TissuPress

last updated 06/15/2007

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