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Thanks for your interest in Limb Volumes Professional (LVP), the industry standard and most widely
used software for limb edema and lymphedema tracking, documentation and reporting.

The new, expanded version LVP6.0, with major added features is now available. 
You can view a TUTORIAL in PDF with the adjacent link
Tutorial - LVP6.0 
or you can view tutorial as a Power Point Show
You can download a free trial version with the adjacent link
and you can order with the adacent link
Register Limb Volumes Professional and get Permanent Activation Code       REGISTER
If you have already paid, you can register in one step. Click on the REGISTER link         
where you can then fill out the needed information. To register you will need the
serial number generated when you installed the software. It also apperars on the INFO
page of the installled software. Your permanent activation code is then sent via e-mail.

Convert aTrial Version to a Permanent Version (This applies to most clients)  PURCHASE
This applies whether you have downloaded or have a physical CD.
If you have not yet purchased then you can convert a trial version to a permanent version.
To do so first obtain a license by starting the payment process using the PURCHASE link
 After purchasing please register the installed software to get a permanent activation code
 The permanent activation code will be sent to you via the email you supply during registration
Order additional CDs                                                                                                      BUY CDs  
This applies only if you want to order ADDITIONALCD versions.
Click the BUY CDs link to load an order form to purchase CDs.   

When the form loads, click the Buy New button to open the order window.
IMPORTANT: At the top of the form change the delivery method from Electronic to Physical!  
CD's will be shipped to the address you specify with handling and shipping costs addeded.

Costs: Cost of a permanent single activation license for LVP6.0 is $229.95. This one time cost includes
full limb volume capabilities, foot and hand volume capabilities, biophysical data reording and
technical support. Discounts for multiple copies are as follows: 2-4 copies @ $179.95 each and
5 or more copies @ $149.95 each.
CD version is shipped immediately upon receipt of payment (S&H added).
There is no S&H cost for a download version. Software runs in conjunction with Excel (any version).
Subsequent registration to obtain a permanent activation code is required.

Prior Versions
Those of you wishing to use (or continue to use)  previous versions of Limb Volumes Professional and/or
needing to installl or re-install prior versions can download prior versions Please note that these are not
free versions but are replacement versions  that likely require registration to receive a permanent
activation code that will be subject to review.
Download LVP5.0 (CD version)   Download VP5.0 (DL version) 
Download LVP4.0 (CD version)   Download LVP4.0 (DL version)

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Last Updated  03/01/2019