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 TissuPress®  to Track Tissue Changes Associated with Edema/Lymphedema
TissuPress®, is a portable hand held device that was developed to help assess and track pitting and other changes in tissue within edematous and fibrotic areas. It works like a calibrated thumb to provide a uniform indentation force to any target tissue. Unlike standard tonometers, TissuPress® can be applied to any tissue at any orientation since its calibrated force does not depend on gravity. The indentation recovery time is used as an index to assess changes in the underlying edematous and/or fibrotic tissue.

Research studies using TissuPress® have shown it to be a valuable tool to assess
changes in fibrotic tissue properties during treatments for lymphedema.                           Research


TissuPress® can be supplied in the standard version or it can be set-up and
calibrated to your custom indentation force requirements.
It can also be
supplied with multiple contact  sphere sizes to meet a range of applications.
The cost of the standard calibrated version is $879.95
and can be ordered online using a credit card.                 Order TissuPress

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